At Booked dancers receive:

- An expertly crafted curriculum that covers everything from understanding the Casting Breakdown, Audition tips and techniques and what to do when you do Book the job!

- A mock audition experience, using real world situations while learning unique choreography.

- Individual feedback to better prepare each and every dancer for their next audition.

- A lecture portion providing all of the information dancers need to succeed in any audition. 

- An in depth Q&A, which provides valuable knowledge for the young professional dancer. It gives dancers the chance to ask the questions they've always wanted to, but can't at an audition. Where to find auditions, should I get an agent, what is a union, where should I be training, etc. This is also a time for parents to ask questions that can help familiarize themselves with the industry.

Hosted by Addy Chan and Caroline Torti, these accomplished performers and choreographers in film, TV, commercial and live stage, share their knowledge of the entertainment industry. Their collective expertise spans over a decade and provides dancers with the insider edge to book professional jobs.

Addy and Caroline have starred in and choreographed a wide variety of projects. Credits include: So You Think You Can Dance (Canada and Vietnam), Make it Pop, Full Out, Descendants, MMVA's, CCMA's, Heros Reborn, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nick Jonas, Oh Henry!, YWCA, Pepridge Farms, Patak's and many more.