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Hi everyone!  It’s Addy Chan from Booked! 


Welcome to the Booked Blog! Every Monday we will be posting about all things dance.  Whether it be about upcoming events and auditions, video inspirations, show reviews, life as a dancer or lessons from a choreographer, you’ll find it here!  It will be a weekly collection of informative dance related items and updates on the latest from Collective Elite, Addy Chan Casting and of course Booked.


This Friday, January 29th I’ll be a speaker at 'on the Move' a free event for dancers hosted by the Dancers in Transition Resource Centre (DTRC).  Join Riley Sims, Kate Holden, Natasha Powell and myself for the panel discussion titled Finding Your Feet: Landing the work that builds the Career.  I will also be apart of the Networking Lunch discussing Auditioning.  'on the Move' is a free professional development event for graduating students and emerging dance artists of all genres.  Check the website to register for the event and learn about all the great panel discussions, workshops and networking activities.


on the Move:


Date: Jan. 29th, 2016

Where: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts 1 Front St E. Toronto

Time: Free events running from 9:00am-4:30pm

Finding your Feet: Landing the work that builds the Career 11:20-12:20pm

Networking Lunch: Auditioning w/Addy 12:20-1:35pm


Hope to see you at the panel discussion or over lunch while I discuss Auditioning!  Before an audition or booking, sending in your own submission is typically how you get your foot in the door and is your first impression to casting directors and choreographers.  If you want them to hire you, present yourself professionally!  Here are some simple (but frequently overlooked) tips and things to remember when sending an online submission!  

1) Always respond to or submit exactly what was asked of you. A lot of time and effort is put into making sure you are informed and making sure we get the information we need. We need specific answers from you, so make sure you deliver. 

2) RESPOND NOW. EVERYTHING IS TIME SENSITIVE. Communicate professionally and most importantly NOW.

3) READ. Please read castings and emails carefully. Please!

Talent who do the above are always memorable and will be called upon again. Those who do not are memorable too!

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Love Addy