Auditioning Is A Skill.

Feb 1, 2016


Hi everyone! It’s Addy Chan from Booked!


A new month is upon us and for many it’s a time to recharge, set goals for the month and refocus.  For others it’s a time to face our procrastination and actually accomplish what we set out to do in our New Years resolutions.  (I’m looking at you Addy!)  Like many dancers I’m in training mode (or at least trying!)  I think as humans it’s always important to broaden our perspective, learn more, gain knowledge and continue to be curious.  At the same time we must always strive to sharpen our skills and generally be the best version of us as we can; simple right? 


Last week I was a part of the DTRC’s on the Move event where I was a panelist and also participated in the networking lunch with a focus on Auditions.  It was a wonderful event where I got to speak with many ambitious aspiring and established dancers about their concerns and fears in regards to auditioning and what steps to take to make dance a career.  Everyone always has the same questions.  Where do I hear about auditions?  How do I get an agent?  How long should my demo reel be?  I don’t have many credits on my resume, does that make me look bad?  How do you get into the Union?  What’s a Union?  How can i change my look so I stand out?  How do I become a choreographer?  How do I get over being nervous in an audition so I can perform at my best?  HOW? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? ANXIETY!!  FEAR!!


Carving a career in the dance industry is an arduous and cryptic path.  The simple answer to these questions is you will learn through time, work and experience.  You will not get better at auditions unless you audition.  You will not learn about the business unless you work or by being proactive about gaining that knowledge.  How can I be proactive you ask?  Well… BY COMING TO BOOKED OF COURSE!  (Like that segue?)


BOOKED is a workshop started by Caroline Torti, Bree Wasylenko and I to expedite this learning process for you.  It personally took me many, many years to acquire the knowledge we pass down to you in a condensed 4 hours while providing a safe platform to train your audition technique without a job being on the line.  (Check our About section for more info on what we do!)  Straight up, I love Booked.  It is by far the most informative and valuable workshop I teach.  Aside from our lecture and Q&A portion of the day that is packed with information, the most important thing is you get to practice auditioning.  AUDITIONING IS A SKILL.  You can be a great dancer, but if you don’t know how to showcase that immediately in an audition we won’t see it.  If you are not confident in yourself we will not be confident in hiring you for the job.  If you cannot perform immediately you are not ready.  If you don’t know how to be a smart dancer you likely won’t separate yourself from the other 50 dancers in the room.  If you want to book jobs you need to master auditioning.  And that’s what you do at BOOKED.  Rather than learning through auditioning, we provide the training and experience through exercises, immediate personalized feedback and the opportunity to fix your faults on the spot without the job of your dreams at risk.  You’ll be set up so you’re ready when that dream opportunity comes.  We demystify auditioning and casting, eliminate unknowns and empower you with the information and techniques to perform at your best and build a career in dance.


We have many returning BOOKED dancers who have continued to train with us and every time we give them new challenges to improve their audition technique.  It has been our pleasure coaching new and returning dancers through BOOKED, watching them grow and hearing of their successes (or hiring them for a job!)  Like anything else, practice makes perfect.  If you want to be a working dancer, it all starts with the audition.  Auditioning is a skill; come train with us!


Our next BOOKED will be March 12, 2016 at Dancemakers.  Click here for all the info! 


Hope to see you then,


Love Addy