The 'Call Backs' - The Booked Mentorship Program

The Booked Workshop is very much a passion project for Caroline, Bree and I.  We care tremendously about the information and experience we provide, and also feel a responsibility and enthusiasm in mentoring the next generation of dancers.  Auditioning is a skill, and like any other to become successful you must train!  Dancers who return to Booked to continue their training with us become members of The Call Backs in The Booked Mentorship Program.  

Each member of The Call Backs is paired with either Caroline, Bree or Addy based on who we believe can offer the most relevant personalized guidance.  After the workshop, The Call Backs have a one on one meeting with their Mentor.  In this focused and candid discussion no topic is off limits!  During the conversations with my Call Backs, we discussed everything and anything: fear, choosing a post secondary education or the pursuit of dance, the essentials of a demo reel, how to calm the mind in an audition, steps to becoming a choreographer, confidence building, how to get a US Visa.  These conversations are tailored to the individual and they get the opportunity to ask us anything; our Call Backs really pick our brains!  

We become incredibly invested in the future and success of anyone who comes to our workshop.  The Booked Mentorship Program allows us to get to know the person behind the dance, help them reach their goals and become involved in their journey through the industry.  Shout out to the first members of our program! 

The Call Backs

Larinee Movsessian

Brianna Andrade Gomez 

Mentor: Addy

Justina Janzen

Hayley Nault 

Mentor: Bree

Flora Ferguson

Madison Foley

Mentor: Caroline

If you have been to Booked and would like to become a member of The Call Backs register for our next workshop on June 11th!  If you’ve never been to Booked, come dance with us! You can still get 15% OFF registration till May 11th with our Early Bird Special.


Hope to see you at our next Booked!