Winter Views - Creating Content and Social Media

January can be a hard month for everyone. The holidays have come to an end, the cold presses on and for most people in the entertainment industry, the work is slower. So how do you optimize the free time? What can you do to ignite your own fire without breaking the bank or migrating south? 

For me, this time comes as an excellent time to refresh, regroup and reorganize for the coming months. But all that isn't what dreams are made of. At the same time I try to pursue more creative personal outlets that I don't always have time for in the busy months, learning new skills, training and creating content that intrigues me. 

Last week I did just that. With the help of my trusty boyfriend and photographer extraordinaire Fabio Buritica, we set out to play with some high frame rate action type photos. I had seen this "hustle" mural in Liberty Village which sparked some ideas and I also wanted to do some experimenting in High Park. Being January, barefeet and dancewear was a bit of a stretch so I suited up in my Nike and Patagonia gear to stay as warm as I could. 

Hustle n flow ↗️ 📷:@fabthebrand #toronto #hustle #fitness #nike #nikewomen #patagonia

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Dancers love photoshoots and photographers love shooting dancers because of the limitless possibilities our bodies and minds possess. It's becoming more and more important in this digital age for dancers to have a good portfolio of content to use to promote themselves across the many social media platforms. At our last workshop we even discussed the effect a large following, on Instagram for example, can have on the casting process. Production companies see value in a built-in audience for their films and television shows. OBVIOUSLY this in no way negates training, experience and attitude, but if you already have those three on lock - it doesn't hurt to add another desirable asset to give you the best advantage possible.

Fly High Park 📷: @fabthebrand #highpark #toronto #leapin #dancer #choreographer #hops

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There is a wide range of technology available to create your own content and a lot of people out their looking to collaborate on creative projects. From DSLR's and digital handheld cameras, to smartphones and tablets, there is something within everyone's reach. The most important thing is to just get started. Here are some great examples from dancers and choreographers getting inspired to create and share!

Miss you, my friend.

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70's baby 📷✨

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Always remember that your mind, like your body, needs exercise. Flexing creative muscles is just as important as going to the gym, taking class or reading a book. All these things together are simultaneously creating your personal brand as a dancer and engaging your audience, and hey, it just might help you Book down the line! 

xo Caroline