The 'Call Backs' - The Booked Mentorship Program


Auditioning is a skill like any other that needs nourishing and with experience and the right information dancers can gain the wisdom they need to consistently deliver in the audition room. Dancers who return to Booked to continue their training with us become members of The 'Call Backs' as part of the Booked Mentorship Program.

Each dancer who returns after their first time at Booked is paired with Addy, Bree or Caroline based on who we believe can offer the most relevant personalized guidance. This one on one meeting allows the dancers to really pick our brains in an intimate setting and allows us to really get to know the person behind the dancer and give them even more pointed and personal answers. Nothing is off limits in these discussions and each time a Call Back returns we meet with them again to continue overseeing their progress!

We look forward to continuing the journey with our Call Backs!

Click on the photos below to hear what these Call Backs had to say about their experience at Booked!